Overview of the Residential Programs

TTPI specializes in providing substance abuse treatment services to criminal justice populations and has been licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide substance abuse treatment since 1995.  We began providing educational and medical model treatment within probationary residential venues in 1988 and modified therapeutic community treatment (TC) services from 2000 to 2013.  

TTPI previously created a two-tier cognitive behavioral substance abuse treatment program within a Social Learning Environment (SLE) at six Texas State Jail facilities: Dominguez, Gist, Hutchins, Lychner, Plane and Travis that ran from 2008 to 2018. Our State Jail program utilized an evidence-based curriculum, “Thinking for a Change” and a program by Texas Christian University that has been specifically designed and adapted for substance abusing state jail offenders.  Programming in each tier is structured, utilizing a facility-based contingency management system. 

We currently provide residential treatment services to youth, ages 13-17 at three Harris County Juvenile Probation Detention Centers.  This programming utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy within an SLE.  TTPI is the leading treatment provider in Harris County Juvenile Drug Courts and Adult Drug Courts in Fort Bend counties.  We are considered to be experts in providing cognitive behavioral treatment programs and have been rated “highly effective” by CJAD (utilizing the “Correctional Program Checklist”).