Adult Substance Abuse Program

Our adult program allows the client to move through it in three to six months at a pace based on the changes they successfully make in their ways of thinking and behaving.  It begins with a thorough assessment by a highly trained counselor and is followed by regular group and individual sessions.  At each of the individual sessions the client’s progress is assessed and a determination is made as to how quickly the client can proceed to the next level of the program.  This unique approach prevents a client who is making significant progress from becoming bogged down in a fixed-length treatment program, but allows those who may be in need of extra help to spend additional time on the issues where they need improvement. 

We also believe strongly that support and education of family members in dealing with a loved one in treatment for substance abuse is critical the well-being of both the family and the client.  As a result, we offer monthly family group sessions at each of our locations.  These sessions have become extremely popular with the families and have proven invaluable in developing a better family dynamic.  Additionally, the client will be seen privately along with his/her family to further strengthen their understanding of the process and address their individual needs.

It is this focus on the specific needs of each individual client that has made our program so successful.  And during the program each client will be provided with information and training in the follow areas:

  • Identification of unique reinforcers and triggers for using and non-using behaviors;
  • Individualized treatment planning;
  • Interpersonal skills training;
  • Enhancement of social support network skills;
  • Anger management;
  • HIV education;
  • How to socialize and have fun without using;
  • Skills in refusing drugs and/or alcohol when offered;
  • Assertiveness and communication skills;
  • Constructive ways to give and receive criticism;
  • Stress management; and
  • Relapse prevention.